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Professor Geoffrey Fox, University of Indiana, USA
Title of the Keynote Talk: Challenges in Big Data, Big Simulations, Clouds and HPC
Abstract: We review several questions at the intersection of Big Data, Big Simulations, Clouds and HPC. We consider broad topics:What are the application and user requirements? e.g. is the data streaming, how similar are commercial and scientific requirements? What is execution structure of problems? e.g. is it dataflow or more like MPI? Should we use threads or processes? Is execution pleasingly parallel? What about the many choices for infrastructure and middleware? Should we use classic HPC cluster, Docker or OpenStack (OpenNebula)? Where are Big Data (Apache) approaches superior/inferior to those familiar from Grid and HPC work? The choice of language -- C++, Java, Scala, Python, R highlights performance v. productivity trade-offs. What is actual performance of Big Data implementations and what are good benchmarks? Is software sustainability important and is the Apache model a good approach to this? How useful is DevOps to specify software systems? 
We consider these in context of a Big Data - Big Simulation convergence and try to clarify where there is consensus, where the answer might be known but consensus is missing and where there is no answer yet?

Alison Lowndes, Deep Learning Solutions Architect and Community Manager, NVIDIA

Title of the Keynote Talk: Deep Learning – Impact on Modern Life

Tuesday July 19, 02:10 PM

Abstract: An introduction to the new computing paradigm that is deep learning, a subset of machine learning "Teaching computers to think!". Accelerated by NVIDIA hardware and software, whether your application involves natural language processing, robotics, bioinformatics, speech, video, search engines, online advertising or finance this overview will highlight the incredible ability of the algorithms currently helping us address some of our Grandest of Challenges.

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